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Our Services

Flexibility is our middle name. We can take your eCommerce store from a back of the napkin idea to your very first sale, handling everything along the way. Or we can offer our services à la carte. It’s up to you.


If you don’t already have a product, we can help you find the the perfect one to sell online. We can also perform a break-even analysis to determine the profitability of your product. If you need help with branding your product, we can do that too.


We can take your online storefront from the idea stage to completion, including domain management, loading and customizing your theme, adding products, descriptions, and photographs, inventory management, shopping cart setup, payment processing, shipping and returns, and order fulfillment.


Once your store is live, we can help you drive traffic to increase sales. We'll help execute an integrated marketing strategy that includes creating and sharing rich content through blogging, social media and email marketing.

Our Story

Our Story

Thinking about taking your brick-and-mortar location online, opening a standalone eCommerce store, or moving your current store to a new platform? We can help! We specialize in Shopify stores, but our team also has experience with Wordpress (WooCommerce), custom web stores, and a myriad of other platforms. We understand how to manage inventory—we’ve built and maintained eCommerce sites with over 5,000 SKU’s. If you want to feature your products on Amazon, eBay, and Facebook, we also have experience with multi-channel selling,

Drive Traffic

Do you want more traffic on your website?

Connect With Customers

Are you converting your social media followers into customers?

Grow Your Business

Is your ecommerce business growing, or are sales flat?

Our Team

For three years, I managed an eCommerce store built on outdated technology. We also had a brick-and-mortar retail location, Amazon and eBay stores, and event sales. Most of those systems didn’t talk to each other. Tracking inventory and fulfilling online orders was a continual challenge, and I felt like I was always on the phone with tech support trying to fix a broken website. What a nightmare! I thought, "there’s got to be a better way”. There is—it’s Shopify. Shopify is a powerful, turnkey eCommerce solution that I first used to launch my line of men’s skincare products. In addition to my eCommerce experience, I have over 20 years of creative and 
strategic experience in advertising, design and marketing. And, I know what it’s like to be a small business owner. Together, we’ll assess your needs and I’ll assemble the team of people necessary to launch your web store, efficiently and within your budget.
Kevin Masten
Kevin Masten
President & Owner


My number one goal is to provide you with the exceptional customer service you deserve!

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